Improper depiction as slave


To the Editor:

I have read some ridiculous letters in the past and thought that I had pretty much seen and heard it all, but I have been proven wrong.

A recent letter to the Projo compared the federal government shutdown to slavery. The writer states that making federal workers work without paying them is slavery. I have been a federal employee for over 30 years. I have personally been involved in three government shutdowns and have been denied a cost of living raise during the Obama regime and the current regime. I have never considered myself a slave and I consider that depiction both racist and totally incomprehensible. I am proud of my service to my country and I am prepared for whatever the future holds for all of us. What I find interesting is that for years Obama ignored and belittled us and no one said boo.

John Cervone

North Providence


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good ting you didn't work as a guvmint contractor, dey did work as slaves during shutdowns.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019