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(Convoluted horror movie made in RI)

We really wanted to like this convoluted horror movie that was filmed at the former Cranston Police Station.

"Nightmare on Elm Street" star Robert Englund plays Inkubus, a demon who shows up at the police station and terrorizes everyone in sight. Another veteran actor, William Forsythe, plays a retired police chief who was driven crazy by Inkubus. And one of our favorite local actors, Fred Sullivan (He dropped the Jr. in the credits), does an excellent job as a psychiatrist who counsels another cop who was driven to insanity by the demon. Even Vinnie Paz shows up in one scene.

But alas, the horror movie fails in its attempt to scare us, choosing to disgust us with demons popping out of a mother's womb, entrails oozing out of a man's torso, and blood and guts spilled all over the station’s floor.

If you stay for the closing credits, you'll see thank-yous to a number of businesses, including the RI Beef and Veal Company. Ecch!

There's a lot of running around the stairwells of the police station, while Inkubus appears and disappears, knocking off his victims one by one. The demon is approaching another hundred years of tormenting humans and is looking for his latest host. The chief is looking for closure and a return to normalcy. We were looking for the exit.

The acting was quite good. Englund is a pro and emits that sense of gloom and doom, but the lines are often forced and the story is a bit murky.

Previews for upcoming Chad Verdi films were shown, including a documentary on Vinnie Paz and another horror movie titled "Infected," which tells it all.

No rating, but certainly an R, with profanity, sex and lots of bloody violence.


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