Instilling love of country


To the Editor:

The Greatest Generation of our family, in my opinion, started with Louise and Harold Whalley from Saylesville, Lincoln and Annie and George Wright of Pawtucket, my grandparents. They instilled the love of country in their children.

When World War II began my father Gordon Wright was Army and participated in The Battle of the Bulge. My uncle Richard Whalley enlisted in the Marines and served in Hawaii. Another uncle, Harold Whalley enlisted in the Navy and was on the USS Philadelphia in Scotland and north Africa.

After serving their military obligations, Gordon entered civilian life and went into manufacturing. He married Mildred Whalley of Saylesville and had three children. Richard entered civilian life in sales for the Hostess company. He married Anne McIlmail, had four children, then moved to Phoenix, Arizona. Harold reenlisted, went to flight school and became an aviator on a carrier. He retired with a rank of commander in 1967. He married Claire Rheaume of Pawtucket, had a daughter and eventually moved to San Jose, California.

The love of country by these men and woman gave their children and grandchildren a sense of pride and respect for the United States of America and the military.

Lt. Col David G Wright (US Army retired)

and 1st Lt . Nora H Wright (Army Nurse Corps retired)



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So, if you or your family did not serve in the military,get out of the country. Bone spurs or not. god blessed america

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

I served in the US Military for over 30 years. My son is a special forces soldier at this moment. My father and uncles all served in the military many in combat as I did and my son is doing. My other son is a professor of English in Boston. He is the twin of my son in the military. He loves his country just as much as his brother but chose to help humanity on a different way. You seem very proud of your family and that is your right but there are many wonderful individuals in this country who may not have served but have contributed to society in their own way. get over yourself...

Tuesday, December 5, 2017