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* * ½

(Spectacular effects/

unspectacular story)

We’re not sure that we would want to see this movie if we lived in Hurricane Alley. Actually we’re not sure if you’d want to see this movie if you lived in Rhode Island.

While there are some spectacular special effects, the plot is so perfunctory and the characters are so stereotypical you’ll scream for them to get out of the way so you can watch trees, cars, buses, houses and even jet airplanes tossed through the air as the tornados destroy small towns.

We follow a fanatical storm chaser and his crew as they ride into the eye of the storm in a fully equipped tank-like vehicle. We watch a gang of real jerks who haven’t a clue as to the power of the storms as they put their lives in danger. We watch an outside graduation that ends with students running for their lives (Where were the parents?) into an unsafe school building, with the storm heading straight toward them.

The most ridiculous scene has the vice principal’s son running off to an abandoned paper mill to help a female student with her school project, only to be trapped by the storm. They end up literally up to their necks in water as the V.P. convinces the storm-chasers to detour to the site. Will they get there in time?

Students leave the school in buses with the tornados chasing them, as the characters we have come to know hide out in a culvert with the storm bearing down? Will they be saved?

The film does show how stupid some people can be in dangerous situations. It also shows the horrible destruction that nature can dole out. But we’ve already seen the real thing on TV. Do we need to see more?

Rated PG-13, with some profanity and scenes of destruction that could leave young people with nightmares.


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