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(Dumb, dull romantic comedy)

Rebel Wilson tones it down a bit, although we still find her hard to take, in this dumb, dull romantic comedy about a New York City architect with a lousy self-image.

Natalie doesn't like romantic comedy movies, and she sure wouldn't like this one. She gets mugged in the subway, bangs her head, and goes into a coma, where she dreams she is the center of a romantic comedy.

Liam Hemsworth plays the rich, handsome businessman who falls madly in love with her. Her unfriendly gay neighbor (Brandon Scott Jones) suddenly becomes her close friend and adviser. Her small apartment turns into a fancy suite. Her co-worker and nerdy best friend, Josh (Adam Devine) meets a gorgeous rich woman.

We have two losers being wooed by two gorgeous, rich people, living the good life until Natalie and Josh realize their true loves: each other. Natalie awakens from her dreamlike state and sets out to make things right, understanding that you first must love yourself.

Throw in a couple of musical numbers, add a stop-the-wedding scene, and by that time we're headed for the exit.

Rated PG-13 with some sex and profanity.


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