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It's summertime and the eating is easy


The summer months bring not only great weather and more opportunities to spend time with friends and family, it also offers lots of “summer foods.” Instead of avoiding some great eating this season here are a few tips to help you munch your way through all these events and not feel deprived.

I love myself a hotdog or hamburger right off the grill! I still enjoy both but use just half of the bun. I eat it like an open sandwich or eat half with the bun and the rest without. It’s a small concession but over time it works!

I also make sure that if I’m bringing something to a picnic I make mine a healthy choice. That doesn’t mean it has to not taste good, it just means being creative. One of my favorites is to bring cut-up veggies with a dip made from low fat sour cream mixed with a packet of Italian dressing. Get creative with the vegetables, using green beans, zucchini sticks along with the usual carrots and celery.

Another favorite of mine is fresh kale salad. I always grow some in my garden. I cook the kale for five minutes and then give it an ice cold bath. After making sure it’s drained thoroughly, I chop it up with some scallions, chopped tomatoes and chickpeas. I like to make my own dressing using flavored vinegars and oils. I mix it up ahead of time and serve it with pita wedges.

Another great idea is to make a pasta salad using whole wheat pasta. Load it up with lots of veggies for crunch and throw in a can of chickpeas or red or white beans. Having protein in your salad not only keeps you fuller longer, it also helps your body burn fat.

One of my favorite sweet treats is not only yummy but also good for you. This isn’t easy to bring to events unless electricity is available, but really easy to make at home in just minutes. Get some whey protein. You can find this in most stores, but if you are looking for some high quality all natural, whey protein, reach out to me and I can recommend a great brand. In a small blender add two scoops along with some almond milk. Not too much liquid because you want this to be like a milkshake or ice cream. Depending on the flavor of the protein, you can add some frozen or fresh fruit. My favorite combination is peach mango protein, with chunks of frozen mango, ice and almond milk. After it’s blended, I put it in a bowl and then sprinkle some slivered almonds on top. I’ve also been known to add some mini marshmallows. There are only 90 calories in two-thirds of a cup, so a handful is approximately 30 calories.

It’s okay to indulge a little…after all, it’s summertime!

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