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Jack and Jill


(Dumb comedy/irritating characters)

What were they thinking?

Did Adam Sandler think that playing male/female twins was funny?

Did Al Pacino think his career would be enhanced playing himself in this awful movie?

Did all of the sports stars and actors think they could help Sandler by doing cameos?

Did Dunkin Donuts think they would sell more coffee with all its product placements?

Sandler plays Jack, an L.A. ad man who is trying to recruit Al Pacino to do a Dunkin Donuts commercial. He also plays his annoying sister, Jill, who comes from the Bronx to L.A. for her annual visit and overextends her welcome.

Jill is so annoying you will want to walk out, as one guy did, shouting "I paid to see this [expletive].”

What kept me to the end was Pacino, who played a funny parody of himself. But no actor could have saved this irritating movie, even Johnny Depp who has a scene with Pacino.

Pacino falls for Jill, which makes this a Farce with a capitol F. They vacation on a cruise ship (a big product placement). Jack's son tapes live objects to his body, including Jill's cockatoo. Nobody explains his odd behavior.

The beginning and ending credits include sets of twins saying dumb things to each other. Well, I've wasted enough of your time. Sandler wasted an hour and a half of mine.

Rated PG, with extensive bathroom humor.


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