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Jack the Giant Slayer


(Old fairy tale takes violent turn)

And you thought the fairy tale was violent.

This time Jack and his friends kill an army of giants, who in return kill an army of the king’s men.

The story starts out pretty much like the fairy tale. Jack takes his horse (not cow) to town to sell. He gets a handful of beans for it. He saves a princess. She ends up in his rundown shack in a rainstorm. He drops a bean. It grows into a gigantic vine that reaches far into the sky where the giants live. Jack and the princess are swept up in it.

OK so far. But instead of a goose who lays golden eggs, there’s a golden crown. And the head giant has two heads.

A few of the king’s officers end up climbing the beanstalk and fighting the giants. One of them (Ewan McGregor) almost gets baked in a pie (Wasn’t that in another fairy tale?).

Nicholas Holt makes a handsome Jack and Eleanor Tomlinson a beautiful princess. Stanley Tucci plays the evil Roderick who wants to steal the golden crown and become king of the world.

There are lots of battles that seem to go on forever until Jack saves the princess and the king’s army cuts down the beanstalk.

But wait, there’s more. One of the giant’s finds a bean, gets it wet, and the giants climb down it for one final battle.

Guess who wins? Guess who gets the girl?

Young boys may enjoy this. The special effects are good, especially the growing beanstalk and the two-headed giant. For me, it was a long two hours.

Rated PG-13, with violence and a few scary moments.


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