Jade Dragon Restaurant Warwick's very own Chinese ‘Cheers’


It may be getting slowly warmer outside, but it is getting hotter and spicier here at Jade Dragon Restaurant, Warwick's popular Chinese food destination for loyal fans and newcomers alike. Though the spice level of their delicious "hot & spicy" dishes can be altered according to your taste, why not jazz up your tastebuds with some of these peppery palate-pleasers: Kung Po Beef, Jumbo Shrimp with Baby Corn, Spicy Tofu Vegetables and Wor Hep Har (ten jumbo shrimp wrapped in bacon, pan fried, then topped with a spicy tomato sauce). This spring, come in and indulge yourself on some of the many fiery dishes here, but if hot & spicy don't fit your fancy, there is a huge menu of Jade Dragon's fan favorites to chose from as well.

Jade Dragon is well-known for its extensive menu of tantalizing Chinese cuisine, from its lengthy list of appetizers to its heaping combination platters. They serve up some enticing selections such the hot & spicy ones listed above and many, many more, including their ever-popular Spare Ribs, Crab Rangoon and famous sticky-sauced Chicken Wings. All of Chef Ricki's meals are made from the freshest ingredients, with special care to keep things light and healthy. This includes several meals catered to their gluten sensitive customers. Chef Ricki now introduces their Thai-style Chicken wings and Thai-style Calamari, both with a sweet chili and red hot pepper sauce - made with a perfect balance of flavors and just a "little kick" of hot to get you going.

Jade Dragon Restaurant has long been called the "Cheers" of Warwick - you know, the place where everybody knows your name? As Judi Chin says of her regulars, "This could be the set of a sitcom! There are so many people who come here, with so many stories of their lives. We even have our very own regular 'Norm'! Our priorities here are our food, our service, but mostly, our customers." The full-service bar is a great place to gather with friends and throw back a refreshing specialty drink - often made to your specifications. Jade Dragon now mixes up two thirst-quenching drinks that are hard to find anywhere else - the "Lifesaver" and "VooDoo Juice", both the ultimate combination of rums. Try some of their red and white Sangria this spring as well. Come in, grab a drink, and join the Jade Dragon family. There is a seat here for everyone.

Jade Dragon Restaurant is located at 1982 Warwick Avenue in Warwick. Hours are Tuesday to Thursday, and Sunday from 11 am to 10 pm; and Friday and Sat, from 11 am to 11 pm. Delivery is available ($15.00 minimum purchase). To place a take-out order, call 732-9595 or visit their website at www.jadedragonri.com.


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