Jerked around long enough


To the Editor:

The voters in many communities are to be commended for their political acumen during the gubernatorial election of 2010 when their community was not in the win column for this governor. Although only 17 percent of eligible voters statewide voted for this governor, he did not bamboozle the savvy people in those locales and most of the voters throughout the state. They saw him for what he is, an ultra liberal progressive who deludes himself that he and our president have the same values as the people in Rhode Island.
The folks I know are far from the president's and this governor's values. These ordinary men and women in our state do not approve of late term abortions, same sex marriage, destruction of our economy (and our country) with wild spending, intrusive big government and the eroding of personal freedom. And they do not apologize for being American!
On the issue of same sex marriage, the president, the governor and Speaker of the House Gordon Fox have made it clear that they are in favor. Speaker Fox intends to push for its enactment this coming session of the state legislature. A special interest group has promoted candidates in several districts throughout the state and their main goal is to make that law in Rhode Island. This November's election will determine whether traditional marriage of one man and one woman, as most of us believe, will survive in our state.
Special interest groups are doing nothing illegal, but they are in the bamboozle business. With a minuscule 17 percent of eligible voters, they affected the election of a less than capable governor at a critical time of need. With just 10 to 12 percent of eligible voters, they win primaries for their candidates who vote their agenda.
It is way past time for Rhode Islanders to repudiate the tactics of special interest groups. It is an easy task if every eligible person knows the issues, knows the candidates and then votes! Haven't we been jerked around enough?

Sam Parente


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