Jingle Bells - All 'Localled' up


Dashing through the snow
With a shopping list that's long
That's why you have with you
Your husband, big and strong
He likes the "mom & pops"
Cuz he's crazy like that
And that is why, the ladies cry
"Your man's the coolest cat!"--Tat!

Anything Goes, Rivers Edge
And Nature's Lather, woo-hoo!
Bellani Maternity
If you're buying gifts for two--Ooh!
Ocean State Artisans
Psuedio Studio's neat
Smyle and Eneri Knits
Make chain stores obsolete--Blah!

Carol's Country Store
For gifts and cheer galore
How could I pass them by
For chain stores - What a bore!--Or-or-or!
Learn All About It Toys
Great gifts for girls and boys
Building up community
Without the sucking noise--Whusht!
(of $ leaving RI)

Adornment Fine Jewelry
And of course Java Madness
On to Waves of Creation
My shopping's filled with bliss-iss!
Johnny's Barkin' Bakery
Local is unique
Morris Farms, Glass Monkey Arts
And the House of Hope Boutique-Do It Best!

We aim to save our town
From going to the morgue
And so we use our guide
(((and of course the Warwick Beacon,
Cranston Herald & Johnston Sunrise !!! )))
The more we keep cash here
More jobs we do create
When it's made in Rhode Island
We're investing in our state--Great!
(and our neighbors!)

Not asking much, banks and such
Do give local a try
And when you do, you'll see it, too
Exactly, precisely why--Why!
Local's best, it's where to invest
Knepley Massage, hoorays!
Keep the money here, and you'll see so clear
Benefits in many ways!--Hey!
B E N E F I T S I N M A N Y W A Y S ! ! ! Happy Holidays!

Dr. Timothy Hudyncia, LetsBuyLocal.org co-founder & director,
and local independent business owner (Nature's Lather, Hudyncia Chiropractic).


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