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(Incomplete look at Steve Jobs)

My vivid recollection of Apple founder Steve Jobs is his announcement of the iPod, followed by his loss of one big mop of hair as he was slowly dying from cancer.

This biographical look at Jobs opens with that announcement, then switches back to his auditing classes at Reed University in 1974 and follows him for the next 30 years.

It is a story of a driven man willing to abandon friends and co-workers and risk the future of his company to get what he dreams is possible. If you want a peek at the man and his type A personality, plus a look at the dog-eat-dog business world and the competitive nature of the rapidly developing computer business, you’ve got to see this movie.

If you are looking for an in-depth study of what made Steve Jobs tick, you won’t find it here. Many personal moments in his life, such as his upbringing and his denial of fathering a daughter are left hanging.

Ashton Kutcher does a good job in portraying Jobs. He looks, acts and talks like him. Many of the real-life people who surround him are also look-alikes, as you will see in the closing credits. We also get a close look at computer nerd Steve Wozniak (Josh Gad), who was an absolute genius and the reason for Jobs’ success and the future of computers.

You will not walk away from this movie liking Steve Jobs (perhaps that is why they left out his sad demise) or many of the corporate types who took away his power. You will feel for the computer nerds who loved what they were doing but were never properly rewarded or recognized for it.

“Jobs” is not a great movie, but it does give you some inside information into a new and strange world. Rated PG-13, with profanity and some drug use.


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