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(Best of action genre)

If you like the action genre, Chapter 2 of the John Wick action films is one of the best.
If you don’t like a movie where there are nonstop chases, crashes, double-crosses and hundreds of people viciously killed, then this is not the movie for you. (Joyce stayed home.)
Keanu Reeves recreates the violent, introverted character of John Wick. You won’t forget his name because it is mentioned by his enemies over and over again during the two-hour movie.
We get an exciting motorcycle-car chase before the credits, then a quick back story to remind us that Wick’s dog was killed in the first movie and he is still out for revenge.
Wick, like so many hired guns before him, wants out.
“I’m not that guy anymore,” he tells the gangster who wants to hire him to kill his sister.
They burn down his house as an incentive for him to do this dastardly deed.
From that moment on, the action never stops, as Wick literally mows down hundreds of bad guys with every type of firearm available, plus his fighting skills and, yes, pencils.
It is bloody, brutal and nonstop action that shows how far the writers can go in developing convoluted plots for yet another way to attract young males to spend their hard-earned money to escape for a couple of hours. 
Rated a very big R, with constant violence, profanity and even some brief nudity.

Welcome back to John Pannozzi, who will be doing occasional movie reviews for us. He is an expert on comic book characters, and has a super analytic mind and writing style.


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