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The Old Testament story of the "Year of Jubilee" is a poignant metaphor for redemption and the forgiveness of debt. The "Year of Jubilee", which occurred only once every fifty years, marked the time when all enslaved Israelites were to be set free, when all land which had been sold was to be returned to its original owner, and when all debts were to be forgiven. This act of redemption meant that no Israelite could ever lose his inheritance nor be in permanent slavery, either to a master or to debt. This story was the inspiration for Attorney Jeffrey Ankrom's legal practice, "Jubilee Legal Services". Furthermore, it is the philosophy which guides this attorney's work - that no one should have to be enslaved by the heavy burden of debt, and that "redemption" is possible for all.

Jeffrey Ankrom, Esq., a native of North Kingstown and an honor's graduate of Boston University's School of Law, served as both a legal clerk in Connecticut's Superior Court and in a private practice before returning to Warwick this spring. While at the Superior Court, Attorney Ankrom assisted judges with foreclosure cases and saw first-hand the hardship that foreclosures imposed. He saw how the dream of home ownership was shattered by the kind of overwhelming debt and financial despair that has come from our struggling economy. He saw how the misfortune of unemployment, divorce, crippling medical expenses, death, the rising cost of living and the unexpected loss of income had blindsided homeowners everywhere - and he wanted to lend his legal expertise and compassion to allow these homeowners to experience their own "year of jubilee."

Jubilee Legal Services provides legal help to those who are declaring bankruptcy as a way to obtain relief from debt and to avoid foreclosure. Atty. Ankrom assures his clients that, while there are no guarantees, there are many options available to those who are confronted with inescapable debt and the risk of losing their homes. He says: "There is a great deal you can do to legally fight for your home," and reaffirms his commitment to exploring these options until an agreeable resolution for all is reached.

Atty. Ankrom can help negotiate loan modifications to make monthly mortgage payments more affordable; can be an advocate in bankruptcy proceedings and can accompany you through every step of this often difficult and confusing legal process. He also assures his clients that with his professional guidance, there can be a fruitful and financially secure outcome for those seeking this option.

For those who are faced with the possibility of foreclosure or threatened with unremitting debt, contact Attorney Jeffrey Ankrom at 401-524-0648. Jubilee Legal Services is located in the DeFelice Center at 3970 Post Road in Warwick. You can also visit his website at www.jubileelegalservices.

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