Judge Romney on what he said


To the Editor:

GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney was caught on candid camera this past spring stating the obvious about his potential voters in the general election. What he stated simply was that people on public assistance were not likely to vote for him. This reality is a surprise to no one who has studied electoral history. Welfare class and working class voters usually vote overwhelmingly for Democrat candidates.
However, as a result of this factual assessment, Romney has been vilified in the press, his poll numbers have lost a few points in key swing states and he has been demonized as an elite and indifferent wealthy candidate. In reality, he did not say he had no concern for those who occupy a lower socioeconomic class, but that is how it is being portrayed.
Romney's problem in that instance, and for that matter what his problem has been all along, is that he cannot divorce himself from the notion that there is a positive correlation between his stunning financial success and his supposed indifference to those struggling in our society. Moreover, Romney's difficulty is one of communication, not necessarily one of a lack of compassion.
Before the American voter pulls the lever in November, he or she should judge Governor Romney on what he actually said, and not the politically charged interpretation of it.

Christopher M. Curran
West Warwick


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