Kaliedoscope Actor thrives for 6 years of musical Theater

Posted by rmacaux

Since the spring of 2005; Bob Macaux has been discovered by Kaledoscope Theater; when he was 23 years old. Back than he enjoys doing fairytale musicals and school touring productions, he still does today. This is actually a excellient opportunity for him to do plays that has learning involved.

Fairytale musicals are now his favorite since he was first discovered. The Frog Prince was his very first fairytale in the summer of 05; Sleeping Beauty and Jack and the Beanstalk was his second and third fairytale in the summer of 06. Along the way he became older as are the other actors within the organization; his magic will continue to grow within Kaliedoscope and they still see it today. 6 years has passed since he signed in; and still works with them today.

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