Kindergarten bus run to get monitor


The parents of two Sherman School kindergarteners involved in an incident on a school bus (where one of the girls sustained a red mark across her face) have met with school authorities and have agreed to work together to resolve any issues between their children, Superintendent Richard D’Agostino reported Tuesday.

D’Agostino also said that starting today, the bus transporting eight or nine kindergarteners would have a bus monitor.

The lack of a monitor prompted the mother of the girl, who said she had been assaulted, to call the Beacon and question why the department was not following state rules. The mother said there had been no monitor on the bus since the start of school in September. The law does provide some latitude to the department on filling vacant monitor positions.

The mother, who preferred to remain unidentified, said the incident occurred last Thursday as her daughter was being transported home from morning kindergarten. Only kindergarteners were on the bus.

D’Agostino said that the school’s principal met with the parents of both girls and that the guidance counselor would be working with the girls on the developing of social skills and friendship.

He said the situation would be different had the incident involved a kindergartener and a sixth grader, for example. Here, both children are 5 years old. In addition, “The validity of their stories is questionable,” he said.


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Kindergarteners??? Sounds like bad parenting. How about forgetting the bus monitor and just advising the so-called parents that they should get their act together, provide some discipline, or enroll their kids in a private school?

Thursday, April 4, 2013