Kudos to McNamara, Shekarchi


To the Editor:

I am continuously disgusted by the car tax. We are basically being taxed on property we don’t own – the full clear retail value of our cars and not on the cars we actually own, which could be used or have high mileage or be old.

According to the article in the Beacon on Tuesday, Feb. 14, “McNamara, Shekarchi address car values, taxes,” the McNamara bill is trying to “amend car tax statutes to require that the assessment of vehicles be based on the average trade-in price rather than the full clean retail price.” Great idea. Maybe then, the tax would be fair!

However, isn’t it outrageous that we have to introduce new bills to do this? Isn’t it outrageous that we need to then “phase this in” slowly so that the town can adjust gradually to the drop-in revenue? Are you kidding?

How dare the towns in Rhode Island just go ahead and tax the citizens on property they don’t own! I don’t know why the towns didn’t just assume that we all own brand new Porsches and tax us on that! Isn’t that the same thing?

Hey, why don’t we go whole hog and assume that everyone lives on five acres of waterfront property while we’re at it and assign property taxes accordingly? Just think how much money the towns could rake in while we “phase out” this injustice over years so the towns could get used to the drop-in revenues.

Kudos to Rob Cote for making this public! We obviously need a consumer advocate for the taxpayer and that is exactly what Mr. Cote has been. He doesn’t need to run for office; we have plenty of “public servants” who have done that and have driven Rhode Island into the ground. I’m glad that some of these public officials like McNamara and Shekarchi want to right wrongs done to taxpayers, God knows we need many more like them. But we, the people, should be very angry that this unfair tax was just casually imposed. My Rhode Island friends and neighbors are people I like very much. Why is our government so bad?

Diane Keogh



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