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(Coming of age movie)

The lines were long at the Avon this weekend as people rushed to see one of the highest rated movies of the year. Writer/director/actress Greta Gerwig was promoting her poignant comedy on “Ellen” last week, and you could see a lot of her in the title character.
While the movie carries a number of elements seen in other movies of this genre – mother/daughter relationships/first kiss/first sexual experience/school troubles/self image problems, and of course the prom – Gerwig has a unique way of presenting them.
Christine McPherson (Saoirse Ronan) a Catholic high school senior, has renamed herself “Lady Bird.” She is a free, opinionated and independent soul with a similar personality to her mother (Laurie Metcalf), which causes the development of a love/hate relationship.
Lady Bird lives, literally, on the other side of the tracks in Sacramento and wants to go to college in the East. Yale, perhaps. The problem is that Lady Bird is an underachiever, causing her mother and school counselor to laugh when she suggests the Ivy League college. Ronan is great, showing the teenager’s changing moods, self-doubt and weaknesses. Some of the scenes between mother and daughter are priceless. A familiar theme is given a fresh outlook in this enjoyable movie.
Rated R with profanity, sex, nudity and some of the no-no’s that teens engage in.


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