Laffey hosts live show,‘Fixing America’


On Monday, former Cranston mayor, author, documentary filmmaker and ranger Steven Laffey added yet another title to his resume: Internet radio host.

Laffey, who now lives in Fort Collins, Colo., is hosting a daily radio and TV show called “Steve Laffey’s Fixing America” every weekday at 3 p.m. on www.laffeyradio.


The show is designed to take his book, “Primary Mistake,” and documentary film, “Fixing America The Movie,” to the next level.

Laffey formed the Laffey Network, LLC so he could take to the airwaves and try to give regular Americans back their voice.

“No yelling and screaming, no making fun of people’s last names or whatever the talking heads do these days, but rather forcibly changing the nature of the debate,” said Laffey in a press release describing the new show.

In the release, Laffey says his online network was created to fill a void in today’s media landscape. The Laffey Network is home to the “Laffey Minute,” the “Fixing America Presents Series” and “The Laffey BUZZ,” as well as his live broadcast radio show.

All of the shows are available on demand on his website in the Archives section, but weekdays at 3 p.m. he can be watched or listened to live on your laptop, smart phone or tablet.

In his release, Laffey recaps his political career as a serial fixer. As an investment banker, he worked to correct various divisions of a $500 million revenue firm, eventually becoming president and CEO and helping to sell the firm to a regional bank at a premium price.

Then, in 2002 as mayor of Cranston, he says he took the city from having the lowest bond rate in America and turned it around by going directly to the people.

Then, in a run for U.S. Senate against now-Governor Lincoln Chafee, he forewarned about a debt crisis.

Laffey considers “Primary Mistakes” to be a political textbook for exposing corruption, and “Fixing America The Movie” took Laffey on a cross-country road trip to talk to real Americans about how to fix the country.

And yet Laffey wasn’t done.

“The media is more than complicit in these troubling times and the news has become a sideshow of petty attacks. The country has never been more divided, and the American public is tuning out,” said Laffey.

So he took charge and created the Laffey Network to change the narrative and start a radio revolution.

His live-broadcast radio show is in its premiere week; log on to www.laffeyradio.

com to see more.


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