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("Revenge of the Moonshiners")

There's this family of moonshiners that hide their stills in the woods of Virginia during Prohibition. Supposedly based on a true story, "Lawless" follows the boys as they are threatened by a slick, ruthless, fancy-dressed gangster from Chicago (Gary Oldman). The gangsters move in, killing whomever gets in their way.

The brothers take as much as they can, then strike back. Lots of people are killed.

Jack, the "runt of the litter” (Shia LaBeouf), is shown before the credits as a scared boy who is afraid to kill a pig and is taunted by his brothers. He is abused by everyone as he tries to finagle his way to taking over the family business. He is enamored with the preacher's daughter, while his older brother is pining for the woman from Chicago who takes a job in their rundown saloon.

The still is blown up by the gangsters, who are in cahoots with the local sheriff. It comes down to the big gun battle, where just about everyone is killed.

Who will be the big hero? A guy that won't even shoot a pig?

Rated R, with lots of violence, profanity, nudity and sex.


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