Lecture on ADHD and Autism treatment at Cranston Public Library


A lecture regarding a clinically proven, drugless treatment for a number of neurological disorders is set for Tuesday, Sept. 24 at Cranston Public Library.

Dr. John Sotis of Sotis Chiropractic & Hemispheric Integration Clinic in Cranston will deliver a free lecture on Hemispheric Integration to provide information on this form of therapy to members of the public looking for alternative treatments. Hemispheric Integration, a drugless, brain-based method, has been having unprecedented results in the treatment of ADHD, learning disabilities, OCD, Tourette’s and Autism Spectrum Disorders. The idea behind the treatment is to enhance the communication between the two sides of the brain.

Sotis, a board-certified chiropractic neurologist, specializes in this area of treatment. He studied under Dr. Robert Melillo, a fellow chiropractic neurologist, researcher and author of “Disconnected Kids” and “Reconnected Kids.” Sotis’ title of board-certified chiropractic neurologist is one held by few in his field, and he has operated a private practice for treating neuromusculoskeletal disorders since 1987.

Sotis’ process begins with a neurological exam and lab testing, followed by sensory, motor and cognitive exercises combined with lifestyle and dietary modification aimed at correcting an underlying brain imbalance, improving academic performance and reducing undesirable behavior.

The Tuesday night lecture begins at 6 p.m. Space is limited so call 383-1711 to reserve a seat. Those unable to attend the presentation can call and set up a free consultation. Visit www.sotischiropractic.com for more information.


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