Let's get the facts first


To the Editor:

This past week the Rhode Island National Guard was mentioned twice in the Providence Journal. The subject was the same but the contributors were on opposite sides of the fence. The news story told of individuals from the National Guard coming forward and telling of sexual harassment in the RING. A letter written to the editor chastised a state representative for grandstanding this information without proof. The adjutant general said the entire situation is unfair. Unfair to whom? The individuals who were harassed?

It seems that the individuals who came forth are being doubted. Their intentions are being questioned. Perhaps the individuals questioning the veracity of their statements should wait until the facts are truly brought to light. Transparency is not simply a term to be used for the convenience of the user. And blaming the victims and those who are trying to help the victims is what is unfair.

And hiding one's head in the sand is why these situations continue.

John Cervone

North Providence


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