Let's not fall for the Trojan horse


To the Editor:

Voters beware! There are two Trojan horses running in general assembly races in Warwick and Cranston. These two candidates' apparent intent is to deceive voters and pull votes away from legitimate candidates.

In Warwick's House District 21 there are three candidates - Democrat Camille Vella-Wilkinson, independent Michael Underwood, and Trojan horse "Republican" Michael Penta.

As early as March of 2016, Republican leaders asked Penta if he intended to run for the District 21 seat. He emphatically responded that he was not. In May he repeated that he would not run. Independent candidate Michael Underwood, on the other hand, intended to run all along and promised to caucus with the house Republicans. Thus, Republican leadership supported him.

In an obvious attempt to pull votes away from Underwood, Penta decided to run after all. So, what's wrong with his running? He clearly has no intention to "compete" with Vella-Wilkinson. In fact, he admits that he is "very good friends" with Vella-Wilkinson. They're such good friends that he attended her campaign kick-off event and donated money to her campaign. Clearly, he is not a serious candidate. His reason for running seems obvious - act as a Trojan horse and take votes away from Underwood. In essence, to split the non-Democrat votes so that Vella-Wilkinson easily wins.

In Cranston's House District 15, currently held by House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello, there are also three candidates competing for the seat - Democrat Mattiello, Republican Steven Frias and Independent Patrick Vallier. Once again, there is a Trojan horse in the race - Vallier. He's in the race simply to take votes from Frias so Mattiello will win.

When questioned about his reason for running, Vallier said, "I'm not running against Mattiello. I'm not running against anyone." So, obviously his heart is not in the race.

When asked whether there is anything Mattiello has done that he'd do differently, he replied, "Not really."

When asked the top three things he'd like to do in the legislature, he was stumped. "Ooh. That's a tough one," he replied.

Here's a candidate who's "not running against Matiello," the powerful incumbent, who says there's nothing he'd do differently than Mattiello, and who thinks it's "...a tough one" to answer what he'd do in the General Assembly. That clearly describes a non-candidate who is in the race simply to serve as a Trojan horse and split the non-Democratic votes to ensure Mattiello wins.

There are enough political games played in our little state already. Let's not fall for the Trojan horse trap that pseudo-candidates Penta and Vallier are presenting. If Vella-Wilkinson and Mattiello need the help of these secret confederates to siphon votes from their real opponents, neither deserves to win.

Lonnie Barham



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Are you sure Camille Vella-Wilkinson is running for House District 21? I have seen her signs around town and they read Distrcit 21. I believe that she is running for town council again for District 21. Please stop trying to confuse the voters. Thank you.

Friday, October 21, 2016

There is no District 21 City Council seat. Vella-Wilkinson is running for the RI House of Representatives to represent House District 21.

Friday, October 21, 2016

I am Michael Penta's wife. This article was very upsetting to me. I hate that people have to lie to try to win votes. If anybody wants to know anything all they have to do is ask my husband. He doesn't need to lie to win votes. To clear some things up my husband never said he was not running. In fact he was asked a year before anyone thought of running by another state representative. Then after that he was asked by several other state representatives to run. He was thinking about it long before anybody was even thinking about it and long before anyone even announced that they were running. My husband just didn't want it out there until he was 100 percent sure. When certain leaders asked him if he was running he said he was thinking about it, but wasn't 100% sure yet. He was asked again and he said he most likely will definitely run, but he just wanted to get things straightened out first. We own two businesses, so yes he had to make sure that this was a possibility and that he would be able to take time away from the two businesses. My husband was also told that Michael Underwood was running as a Republican. My husband said I want to meet him, because I have never heard of him. If he is running as a republican I need to make sure he is right for the job. Then Mike Underwood announced he was running as an independent. My husband decided to run as the republican. There was no Republican running. Once he announced it he actually had threats made to him trying to get him to back out saying Underwood would change his affiliationand and run my husband in a primary. My husband told them to go for it. He said no way was he backing out, nor would I have let him get bullied like that and drop out. Once they met with a third party present my husband was asked to back out. He said no. My husband knew with an independent in the race it would take votes away from him, but he said I will work that much harder to win. If people want to know the real story we still have a message saved on an answering machine. My husband has been working his behind off. If he didn't want to win and this was strictly to take votes away from Underwood, then why is he taking time away from our two businesses and his family to work so hard to win. He has around 290 signs in lawns with most of them residential. He put everyone of those signs up himself. He is working so hard to win to make a difference in our state. He is so serious about making change to our city and state that he is willing to donate all his pay that he makes as a state representative back into the city of Warwick. That goes to show you that my husband is in this to win and to make change to our state. Not to sit there and take votes away from somebody that all of a sudden wants to start things because he knows my husband's going to win. I don't have anything bad to say about anyone and I don't even like that I have to post this right now, but I have to stick up for what is right and for the truth. This article is so wrong. Yes my husband is friends with Camille. He has been friends with her for a long time before this, as well as every other Democrat and Republican out there. We go to everyones fundraiser because that's the type of people we are. We support getting along with both parties. That's the way it should be. That's how things get done. So, why would he take time away from his 2 businesses and from his family just so Camille can win?Absolutely not! When he told Camille that he was going to run against her, they shook hands and said may the best person win. They are not on the same team. That is a rumor, because it's getting down to the end and people will lie to win. My husband don't need to lie. If he don't win well he still had his family that is proud of him for working so hard and staying true to himself. If anybody has any other questions feel free to call my husband and ask him any questions that you may have and he will prove to you why he should win this seat. His phone number is 401- 632-1304. Like I said we do have two businesses, so if he does not answer please leave him a message and he will gladly call you back. If you want an honest person that is going to fight for you and your state then vote for Michael Penta. If you want someone that wants change so bad he is willing to donate his state representative pay back into the city, such as our playgrounds and feilds then vote Michael Penta. If you want a hard working man that knows what it is like to work hard then vote Michael Penta. As said in his articles he was homeless as a teenager and became something when he could have went the wrong way. He chose to make something of himself and worked hard to get here just like he will work hard for our state. He is in this to win it no matter what anybody else may say. Unfortunately that's part of the politial world. Lies and negativity. But, Mike is here to bring positivity to our state. People feel as though they may have to fight dirty to win, but my husband doesn't need to fight dirty to win. All he needs to do is be himself. He doesn't need to retaliate, but I will stick up for him as his wife. When people are saying things that are not true about him. My husband is one of the nicest people you will meet ask anyone that knows him. Thank you.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Unfortunately there are people out there so nervous about not winning this election they will say what ever it is to try to influence the people of bogus lies without the real facts. Mike penta is friends with many democrats and republicans, I do believe it is very important that both parties do get along as this is the only way to get things done. Mike penta is all about the people, this city and this state. If mike penta is all about camille Wilkerson then why is it that he spends all his spear time after running his 2 full time businesses walking, going to fundraisers, installing nearly 297 signs all over district 21. Having fundraisers and doing mailings to win this election. Mike penta is the person to win. Mike penta was told not to run or the independent would run him in a primary as republican. Mike penta refused to back down as he never does or will. With the support from our state gop chair, mayor avedisian, mayor fung, and many of our state leaders. Mike penta will continue to work hard not only up until election day but everyday thereafter. The presidential race is unfortunately not much to focus on with all the nasty political lies and so on. I do not intend to retaliate back at those people or politicians who wish to make up stories and lies for political tactics. The people will decide on there own and make the decisions of there choice. I can assure you that mike penta will not give up that easy and I will continue to fight to win this election. PLEASE VOTE ON NOVEMBER 8th. Thank You Mike Penta

Monday, October 24, 2016

Does Mike Penta always speak about Mike Penta in the third person? Illeism is such an odd thing........

Wednesday, October 26, 2016