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(Talky, introspective comedy)

Rhode Island's own Richard Jenkins has a great supporting role in this talky, introspective, independent art house film that is at the Cable Car and will probably be on DVD soon.

Jesse Randor wrote, directed and played the central character, Jesse, with Jenkins playing his "second favorite" former teacher.

Jesse returns to his old college to attend a retirement dinner for his professor (Jenkins). Jesse has been going through some tough times in New York City, and at age 35 he feels revived at his old school, especially when he meets a 19-year-old student and connects on an intellectual and emotional level. He also meets a couple of interesting male students whom he also connects with.

There is a lot of conversation, some of it clever and stimulating and some that goes on too long. The 16-year age difference weighs heavily on Jesse, as does his encounter with his favorite teacher (a great scene by Allison Janney).

The cerebral movie deals with a number of intellectual issues and wraps up nicely. It's the type of movie that you would enjoy on your TV with a bowl of popcorn. As always, Jenkins is great.

Not rated, but of no interest to anyone under college age.


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