Local author publishes second installment in trilogy


After a year and a half hiatus, John Butziger has published “Eden’s Revelation,” which is the second installment to “The Order Trilogy.”

The newest book comes on the heels of “The Second Tree” published in 2014, which has received increased popularity as of late.

The novel, Butziger’s first, follows the story of two friends as they unlock an ancient secret from Uganda, bringing it to the highlife of Manhattan. “Eden’s Revelation” brings the exotic thriller to Xianjiang, China and Washington D.C.

Butziger, a graduate of Toll Gate and the University of Rhode Island, believes the various exotic locales of his trilogy leads to a lot of the intrigue.

“For readers I think a book with a bunch of different places acts as a little bit of an escape from the day to day,” Butziger said. “Even if they never travel there they can experience and ‘travel’ to these places.”

Butziger has neither traveled to Uganda nor Xianjiang, although he has traveled to China on business. To sufficiently represent these areas, Butziger did extensive research not only on the locations themselves, but also its people, language, culture, and history.

The challenge for Butziger is to ensure that all the “puzzle pieces” come together, that each book seamlessly moves into the next.

“I know where the overall story is going to end, but you need to make sure the way you get there makes sense, that it all flows,” he said.

Butziger expects the final installment to be published within the next year. He often stays up late after work or spends his weekends writing, trying to balance family life and his full time job in research and development.

He finds that writing is a “release.” He strives to take advantage of “writing” time without cutting into other areas of his life. He does so by using a dictating app on his drive to and from work as well as taking a few minutes at his any of his three children’s sport practices.

Butziger has begun to reap the rewards of his efforts; “The Second Tree” received the Shelf Unbound 2015 Best Indie Award for a thriller.

With a good portion of the first book taking place in Uganda the African Film and Writer’s Society’s Ugandan chapter (AFWS-Uganda), also reached out to Butziger about a year ago to make a demo of the book.

AFWS-Uganda, which is just starting to garner international popularity among the film industry, helps young screenwriters, actors, and production artists get a foothold within the local industry.

Under a Memorandum of Agreement, AFWS to do a “demo” of the story, to bring a few scenes from the book to film to garner interest and large scale funding for a possible full length film.

Butziger has already gone over the screenplay for the 3 scenes to be filmed, concerning a miner’s rights battle in the Kilembe Mines, a scene in the Rwenzori Mountains as well as Kasese.

The author said the writing is a very “stripped down” version, obviously focusing primarily on the dialogue.

Although the team moves at a “sure and steady” pace Butziger isn’t used to, he believes very much in AFSW vision to stimulate Africa’s flourishing film industry, while “encouraging and cultivating” local aspiring artists.

“It’s good for the whole community,” he said. “It engages the area and it’s nice to play a small part in that.”

Filming for the demo is expected to start in the coming months.

Both of Butziger’s novels, “The Second Tree” and “Eden’s Revelation” are available on Amazon.com and Nook.com in print and Kindle versions. “The Second Tree” audible book is also available on Audible.com

For more information on the books or Butziger visit www.johnbutziger.com.


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