Locally produced film opens Thursday at Warwick Showcase


Woodhaven Production Company, a subsidiary of the East Greenwich-based Verdi Productions, will screen its latest film, “Infected,” at the Warwick Showcase Cinema starting Thursday, Oct. 25.

"Infected," a zombie thriller set in the woods of New England, premiered at the Rock and Shock convention in Worcester on Oct. 13. The movie will run in select theaters starting this week.

The film centers on Terry, an absentee father played by Michael Madsen of “Reservoir Dogs” and “Kill Bill,” and his son Andrew, played by Cranston native Tom DeNucci. The father-son team must fight for survival when their small, close-knit hunting group becomes infected with a virus after unknowingly eating a rabid deer. The infection causes the group, including Doctor Denehey, played by William Forsythe of “Boardwalk Empire” and “The Devil's Rejects,” to become homicidal and violent. The infection also gives them an insatiable, cannibalistic thirst for human flesh.

After its Warwick opening, the movie will move through several other states for the Halloween season. The film will only be in select theaters until Nov. 9, at which point it will be released on demand worldwide.

“The VOD [video on demand] platform that ‘Infected’ will be released on is a filmmaker’s dream,” said Chad Verdi, president and CEO of Verdi Productions, in a statement. “Being able to reach that many people so quickly gives this film a lot of credibility and will set up a higher selling point for paid cable.”

The film was directed by Glenn Ciano, and also features Christy Romano, who achieved fame as a child actress in Disney’s “Even Stevens.” There are also cameos from several local actors. The film is not rated.

The film will have its first local showing at 1 p.m. on Thursday at Showcase Cinema on Quaker Lane. For additional show times, visit www.showcasecinemas.com.


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