Looking to rule over the ruins?


To the Editor:

Why are so many of my Republican friends unhappy? Do they not have reason to rejoice in the fact there are millions still unemployed? Is not the country more divided than ever? And are not the rich still getting richer?
So why all the gloom? Did not Blowhard-in-Chief Rush Limbaugh state from the very beginning that he wished this president to "fail?" Have not your congressman and senators worked hard night and day to block every effort of the president to bring about a recovery so you can blame him for the nation’s suffering? Did your antics not result in a first-time-ever credit downgrade of the country so you can now say it "happened on Obama's watch?"
Yes, you have had some setbacks.
More and more people are benefiting from Obamacare that you tried so hard to demonize. President Obama saved the auto industry and can take credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden.
I realize all of this must give you great pain, but look at the bright side. Millions of people still believe there are death panels in the health care bill, and the president is a foreign-born Muslim and secretly hates America while working for its demise. Plus, you get to say he has not reached out in a bi-partisan fashion to you and that he "sympathizes with terrorists."
And if the president is re-elected, you can continue your same divisive policies! Who knows, you may get lucky and bring about another Great Depression so you can finally realize your dream of tearing down the house so you can rule over the ruins!

Charles Lawrence


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