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To the Editor:

Facts are stubborn things was the theme of Chris Curran's op-ed piece in Beacon Communications papers on Thursday, 12/21 – except that most were invented by him. His first fact was that Trump has formed an oligarch in his administration. With the opposition Trump has experienced in these few months of his tenure from the opposition party, Rhinos in his own party, never-Trumpers, the deep state (and mainstream media reports on Trump 90 percent negative), does anyone out there really believe that there is a Trump oligarchy? Get real! 

Curran's next fact is that Trump caters to wealthy people, those in upper level of the military, Putin, and those like Putin. Trump’s frequent rallies during the campaign and now are attended by over-flow crowds of working class people – yes, working class people who lend over whelming support to his message and achievements. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer – and that appears to be his approach with Putin. And certainly not the kissing up his predecessor did with Putin as well as his disgraceful conduct with the world's greatest terrorist country, Iran. With respect to the military people in key positions in the Trump administration, they are exemplary individuals with established records of achievement and men of great integrity so how can anyone besmirch this choice by Trump. (Flynn was a sad exception.)

Network Neutrality was next on Curran's list of Trump offenses. Curran's take on NN was the usual liberal/progressive resort to more government control of the people.   If the reader wants a clear rendition of NN, he/she should search the internet on this topic by James L. Gattuso, senior research fellow of the Heritage Foundation. For now the reader should know NN was another government regulation thrown in by Obama two years ago when none existed prior and no need for change was necessary.

Curran refers to the FBI and other government departments as respected agencies and criticizes Trump for "railing" against them. When the FBI, State Department, and Department of Justice are suspected to have individuals who use their office to effect political outcomes, they deserve far more than railing. Americans cannot accept or tolerate this kind of corruption in any governmental agency and shame on Curran for his criticism of anyone wanting this investigated and corrected if factual. 

On the tax reform law, Curran again throws in with the Pelosi, Cicilline et al with their sky is falling fears. Already major corporations (not things but people) are handing out huge bonus checks to their workers. Two corporations already with the bonus have added $100 and $200 million to the economy. Just news of the law has jump-started the economy. Curran jumps all over the projected cost adding $1trillion to the national debt but is conveniently silent on Obama adding $10 trillion.  Also convenient he fails to mention the wealthiest 10 percent pay over 70% of the taxes to the nation but bemoans their getting a 2 to 3% lowering of their tax rate. It is too soon to predict either success or failure but the lowering of taxes across the board should spur job growth and the economy.

The real knock on Trump is that he is crude. However, with the "new normal" of our course society, it is hardly extreme. When one considers the profanity and debasement of women in rap, the sexual exploitation in film, the hatred toward police and authority, the lies by leaders (including the previous president), the utter deceit by the opposition presidential candidate, and on and on, is Trump's lack of finesse that far off the tracks?

It should have been obvious to the reader that Curran's piece of 12/21 was a hatchet job on Trump, pure and simple. The reader should never accept such sophomoric writing. One can only hope that they have more investigative mojo than to rely on this low-level opinion piece. Curran should know better than to foist this kind of writing on the people of central Rhode Island.

Sam Parente



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fake opinion.


Thursday, December 28, 2017

AT&T gives bonuses, then lays some employees off: https://www.salon.com/2017/12/27/att-sheds-1000-employees-after-touting-gop-tax-plan-giving-out-bonuses/

"If the reader wants a clear rendition of NN, he/she should search the internet on this topic by James L. Gattuso, senior research fellow of the Heritage Foundation." The Heritage Foundation? You mean the conservative "think-tank"?

The fact that Trump's rallies were attended by working-class people doesn't mean a thing. Trump has made false-promises that he never intends to deliver on in order to get votes. The tax bill will not be good for most of us and you're kidding yourself if you think it will.

Maybe you would stop voting against your own interests and be better informed by turning off Trump TV, more commonly known as Fox News, and getting your news from sources that aren't part of the Republican propaganda machine.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Highest level of consumer sentiment and lowest level of unemployment in 17 years. Lower taxes on corporations and lower taxes on individuals who actually pay taxes. 70 all-time highs for Dow since Trump's inauguration, translating to all-time highs in 401(k) balances. Highest level of optimism ever recorded in National Association of Manufacturers' December survey. Estimates of 22% earnings growth in S&P for 2018. Oh, the horrors.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Hey Jfraser....NN came about under Obama. Wasn't the internet pretty much the same before NN? I've seen no difference. Why the chicken little on NN? You gloss right over it.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Thank you Mr Parente for your letter. CC would be at home with Oprah and all the silly women at the Golden Globe Awards.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018