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Magic Mike


* * * (Joyce)

(Seedy male stripper saga)

Joyce and a house full of women enjoyed this seedy saga about male strippers more than I did.

Channing Tatum plays Mike, a male stripper at the Club Quisite, a Florida strip joint catering to the fantasies of women of all ages. Matthew McConaughey plays the owner, a driven, greedy man who wants to bring his club to Miami and the Big Time.

Mike befriends Adam (Alex Pettyfer), gets him a chance to strip on stage and, wouldn't you know it, Adam becomes a hot commodity. Adam lives with his sister Brooke (Cody Horn), an unsmiling, stern young lady who disapproves of Adam's night job, and his friend Mike.

You can see what's coming. Mike develops an interest in Brooke. Adam rises among the stripper ranks but can't handle his new lifestyle, turning to booze, drugs and casual and kinky sex.

Will Mike give it up and follow his dream to be a successful entrepreneur?

Will Adam straighten out or be gobbled up by the allure of the fast life?

Will Brooke see the good in Magic Mike?

"I'm not my lifestyle," Mike tells her.

The soap opera is interspersed with scenes of the strippers going down to their thongs, showing their bare behinds and performing simulated sex on their adoring audience members who stuffed bills in their briefs. The females in the audience (not Joyce) screamed with delight.

Rated a big R, with profanity, perversion, nudity (both male and female), drugs and lots of sex.


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