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Man On a Ledge


(Caper thriller)

Sam Worthington plays Nick Cassidy, an ex-cop who has been framed by a notorious wealthy businessman (Ed Harris) for stealing his coveted diamond, valued at $40 million. Nick escapes from prison and carries out an outlandish scheme to prove his innocence. He checks into New York City's Roosevelt Hotel, across the street from the businessman's office, climbs out on the 21st floor ledge, and threatens to jump. An attractive young police negotiator (Elizabeth Banks), who has recently lost a bridge jumper, tries to talk him off the ledge.

Meanwhile, Nick's brother (Jamie Bell) and his girlfriend break into the businessman's office and safe to recover the supposedly missing diamond, while Nick creates a diversion.

It's an interesting idea with a couple of twists and some close calls. While the movie holds your interest and attention, it has some flaws. The break into the office by two amateurs, even though they have planned the caper for a year, relies too much on coincidences and perfect timing.

While the patter between Nick and the psychologist is tense and sympathetic, the patter between Joey and his girlfriend is stupid and irritating.

The movie does have you cheering for the man on the ledge and booing Ed Harris. There is a bit of comic relief, as the crowd below and an obnoxious TV reporter (Kyra Sedgwick) react to the excitement.

Rated PG-13, with some violence.


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