Mayor asked to take a stand


Open letter to Mayor Avedisian:

I am writing to ask you to leave the Republican Party. The abhorrent behavior of our president is only surpassed by the enabling Republicans in Congress and around the country.

By all accounts, having lived in Warwick for 21 years, you are a good man. I voted for a Republican, you, for the first time in my life. I will never vote for you again as long as there is an “R” next to your name. You can say all you want about Republican ”ideals” and not throwing the baby out with the bath water, but this situation is severe and I beseech you to take a stand.

Paul Hoffman


Editors note: Asked to respond, Mayor Scott Avedisian sent the following email to the Beacon: My response would be that I am proud to be part of the Rhode Island Republican Party. I decided to join the party of John Chafee, Claudine Schneider, Lincoln Almond, Lincoln Chafee, Susan Farmer, Lila Sapinsley and Ron Machtley. Good bedrock moderate Republican ideals that speak to New England’s values. I have always been an independent thinker and will continue to do so.


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Well, we know Linc left the party. And Claudine describes herself as a progressive on her web site. And they are all past leaders of course. I have no clue what "bedrock Republican ideals and New England values" mean. That is classic vague, generalized and political-speak. All I know is modern day Republican ideals means Trumpism and its enablers. I'm sorry, Mr. Mayor, but your response is a cop out.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

I am not a big fan of people who live "an alternative Lifestyle" however Mr. Avedisian has proven himself over the years to be a level headed, reasonable and good man in the position he administrates. The fact that he is a Republican should have no bearing on his ability to do a good job at being Mayor of our city.

I don't blame him in the least for choosing the Republican party. How can anyone with any sort of intelligence vote for democrats? These are not you mother and father's "Party of the people" They have been taken over by the Communist socialist extremists who want to ruin this country with their "Gender neutral" "Male masculinity is evil," "White Privilege" Open borders" policies and beliefs.

The truth is I WOULD NOT have voted for Mr. Avedisian if he was a democrat, thinking he was another useless snowflake politician not worth the suit he takes up as MOST democrats have become.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

I think that the point you are all missing is that there is nothing that Avedisian can point to that is republican in nature. By virtue of the above statements I feel confident to say that the previous posters probably have never been to a budget hearing, council meeting, or more importantly, the meetings where the actuaries come before the council and in their own words tell the council that the unfunded liabilities that have accrued on Avedisians watch, are not only unsustainable, but are bankrupting the city. Not withstanding the incredible nepotism, lack of accountability to departmental budget over runs, and the list goes on and on.

Time to start paying attention people.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

"Here are more Republican ideals Mr. Mayor. Today's Headline: " Gay couple sues after 1 twin’s US citizenship denied"

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

I have always considered religion and politics a personal decision. People can have their opinions but it will still always be a personal issue. Now, you don't have to like it and you are certainly entitled to your opinion, but to believe that you or anyone else has the right to determine someone's choice is beyond astonishing to me.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Both parties have great quality. They wouldn't have been around for centuries if they didn't, but when you think about it, no one is a Republican OR a Democrat when they walk into the voting booth. It's just you and your God. I believe a bit more in the Democratic Party philosophy than I do the Republicans, but a candidate is good or bad regardless of party affiliation. Ronald Reagan was a Democrat, then a Republican, then a Democrat, then a Republican. My admiration for him didn't change when his party affiliation did.

Happy Valentines everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Thursday, February 1, 2018

GOP Chair Files Election Board Complaint Against Corrente for Failing to Report Ad, HQ Spending

by Rob Borkowski on February 6, 2018 in News to You

[CREDIT: Correnteformayor.com] Mayoral Candidate Richard Corrente

WARWICK, RI — Warwick’s Republican City Committee has filed a complaint against Richard Corrente with the Rhode Island Board of Elections Campaign Finance Division, asking for an investigation into the perpetually campaigning politician’s unreported campaign spending on a full-page Pennysaver ad.

Anthony Corrente (no relation to Richard) said the Pennysaver advertisement ran Dec. 17, but that no record of the ad appears in Correte’s latest quarter campaign finance report. A check of Corrente’s campaign finance reports of all of 2017 shows spending on the ad has not been recorded, Warwick Post reported Jan. 31.

Anthony Corrente is also asking the Board of Elections to investigate Richard Corrente’s spending regarding the latter’s failure reporting any expenses related to operating his campaign headquarters located at 1609 Warwick Ave., also related to the Pennysaver ad.

“In this advertisement, Corrente also states that people can visit him at “Corrente for Mayor headquarters, 1609 Warwick Ave., (next to Dave’s),” but “does not report any expenses” or “any contributions or personal loans” that would cover rent, utilities, or other costs.

No office costs listed for 2017; past rent went to payer of tax bills on Richard Corrente’s residence

A review of Richard Corrente’s campaign finance reports for 2017 found no mention of any payments related to the office at 1609 Warwick Ave. In fact, among the first quarter, second quarter, third quarter, and fourth quarter filings, the candidate only entered a $100 loan to the campaign in income and $44 to print new checks in expenses for the entire year.

In a review of earlier campaign finance reports, Warwick Post found that Richard Corrente paid $4,000 for the campaign office on Feb. 17, 2016 to Clay Shackleton, listed on state business filings as President of G W Realty, which owns Gateway Plaza. The check was paid to Shackleton personally, as opposed to to G W Realty.

Clayton A. Shackleton is also listed as paying the tax bills on 177 Grand View Ave. in 2014 and 2015, totaling nearly $13,700:

City tax records show that Clay Shackleton paid the delinquent tax bills on Richard Corrente’s residence in 2014 and 2015; Corrente paid Shackleton $4,000 for his campaign office in 2016. [Screenshots from Warwick Tax Assessor website]

City tax records show payments of $6,910.33 in 2014 by Clayton A. Shackleton for Richard Corrente’s residence.

City tax records show payments of $6,762.19 in 2015 by Clayton A. Shackleton for Richard Corrente’s residence.

Richard Corrente also filed to change the address of the campaign office to its location in Hoxsie from 177 Grand View Ave. on Jan. 19, 2017, and later put up signs on the storefront for his business, Bankers Mortgage.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018