Mayor in the ‘flow’ during tour of AquaMotion


“How long have you waited for the water in the shower to get warm,” Hans Kuster, president of AquaMotion, asked Mayor Avedisian. “One minute? Five minutes? But for a family of five, waiting for the water to get warm can waste 15,000 gallons of water a year.”

AquaMotion, located on Jefferson Boulevard and incorporated in 2002, manufactures circulators and pumps for both commercial and residential heating and plumbing markets. Their recirculation systems provide instant hot water, reducing water waste and saving homeowners on water and electricity.

On Nov. 4 Avedisian and Councilman Joseph Gallucci visited for a tour of the facilities.

Gallucci said, “What we have here is a business that’s doing great things not only for themselves and their customers but also for this industry and this city.”

“We take so much for granted. We think nothing of flipping a switch and we expect light, heat and hot water,” Avedisian said. “What AquaMotion does is take that to the next level with instant hot water. The notion of instant hot water is exciting.”

Kuster showed the two officials several of their pumps, taking them through a bit of the assembly process.

With a patented Green ECO-Cartridge Design, AquaMotion has the only replaceable cartridges that can be removed, cleaned and reinstalled or replaced. He exampled calcium build-up, where a homeowner can simply flush the cartridge or opt to purchase a $50 replacement cartridge, rather than having to replace an entire system.

Similarly, AquaMotion’s pumps are promoted to be 33 to 54 percent more efficient than their competitors.

Avedisian noted that the company is “impressive,” helping their customers save money at every level, with products that help consumers generate less wastewater, less energy all while using sustainable products.

“This business comes from innovation and always challenging the status quo. We appreciate that,” Avedisian said.

Kuster assured that AquaMotion, with 15 employees, is no “pop-up company” and that their employees all have extensive previous experience in the field.

Kuster worked at Sparco Inc., also in Warwick, as the senior vice president, which developed 18 U.S. and foreign patents for similar products, before beginning AquaMotion.

“I’ve been doing this for 50 years and I still enjoy it,” Kuster said. “I still get a kick out of it. We have a great future in this industry. We do a lot with a little.”

All of AquaMotion’s products are built and tested in Warwick. Kuster says he believes in “re-shoring,” bringing money and jobs back to the United States.

Avedisian commented, “So many people talk about clean industries and new jobs, but not a lot of people are delivering on that and you are. I’m happy you brought that to Warwick. It’s wonderful to have a business like this right here on Jefferson Blvd.”

AquaMotion products are sold through manufacturer representatives to plumbing and heating wholesale distributors.

For more information on AquaMotion and their products visit their website at www.


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