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(A marine and her dog)

“Megan Leavy” is based on a true story about a Marine and her bomb-sniffing dog.
Kate Mara plays the disenfranchised young woman who escapes from a difficult home life by joining the Marines. A bit of a rebel, Megan ends up cleaning dog cages for punishment and develops an interest in a difficult dog, relating to Rex’s reluctance to get close to anyone. We follow girl and dog through basic training, as the two slowly bond and are finally shipped off to Iraq.
Megan holds her own against a chauvinistic Marine culture, as she and Rex uncover hidden bombs and save lives. They are both injured in battle and sent in different directions to recover. A year passes as Megan fights the system to bring Rex home to live out his days with her. She is bluntly told that combat dogs are warriors, not pets, but continues to fight for ownership.
Like many vets, neither Megan nor Rex are given the consideration and recognition they deserve until their most important battle is won.
Megan’s devotion to two things in her life – Rex and the New York Yankees – plays heavily in the final two-handkerchief conclusion to a nice little, feel-good film.
Rated PG-13, with the violence of war and profanity.


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