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Mirror, Mirror


(Weak updated version of Snow White)

We were a bit disappointed in this weak updated version of Snow White. The kids may enjoy it, but adults may be a bit bored. The authors take a bit of poetic license from the fairy tale and the classic Disney version, however.

Julia Roberts is good as the wicked, sarcastic witch of a stepmother who has done away with her husband and assumed his throne. She keeps the beautiful Snow White (Lily Collins) confined to the castle and spends all the villagers’ money, while she lives lavishly.

Snow White ventures from the castle one day, only to save a wandering prince, who has been robbed by seven dwarves. The handsome prince shows up at the castle and the queen lays claim to him.

Meanwhile, Snow White discovers the poverty of the heavily taxed villagers and joins the band of dwarves as they steal the queen's money.

The writers treat the dwarf actors with dignity, giving them all different characteristics and making them the heroes.

It all ends with Snow White and the seven dwarves breaking up the queen's marriage to the prince, whom she has drugged, fighting off a dragon, and restoring the village. And they lived happily ever after. It's all very cutesy.

Rated PG, with nothing to worry about for the kids.


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