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(Mexican drug wars)

Gina Rodriguez stars as the ordinary woman who finds herself in an extraordinary situation and emerges as another female hero.

Rodriguez plays Gloria Fuentes, a Mexican-American makeup artist who travels from Las Angeles to Tijuana to visit her best friend (Cristina Rodlo), who is competing in the annual Miss Bala California beauty contest. They attend a party at a local nightclub when a deadly gun battle breaks out. The women are separated, with both ending up in dangerous hands.

Gloria is taken by a drug cartel who force her into making drug and gun runs for them. The DEA intercedes and forces her to inform on them. Gloria finds herself in a no-win situation, rising to the occasion when her life and the lives of her best friend and her son are endangered.

There's some good action, and you find yourself cheering for Gloria as she gets deeper and deeper involved, almost to the point of reaching Stockholm Syndrome when she finds herself in bed with the cartel leader.

Lots of violence, gun battles, assassinations and cold-blooded killings, giving it a big R rating.


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