Movie 43


(Disgusting, pornographic short stories)

The amazing thing about this disgusting, pornographic compilation of X-rated short stories is how Peter Farrelly convinced so many successful movie stars to appear in it. The short scenes are tied together by an unsuccessful writer making his pitch to a movie producer who is disgusted (rightfully so) by the content.
The opening scene has two people on a blind date. The man has a body part growing from his neck, which she tries to avoid looking at, with what some might see as hilarious.
This review, being written for a family newspaper, is difficult to write, so I'll leave out the prurient sex and bathroom humor. In fact, I'll leave out the filth I had to sit through. Joyce, wisely, skipped this one, as I advise you to do.
I just wonder what the producers had on the long list of actors to get them to lower themselves to this level. Here a just a few: Emma Stone, Richard Gere, Kate Winslet, Terrence Howard, Uma Thurman, Hugh Jackman, Elizabeth Banks, and Halle Berry. Johnny Knoxville is the only one who seems to fit his part.
The movie industry has pushed the envelope too far this time. The only hope is that people will stay away and the movie will lose lots of money.
Not rated, but by the old code, it is a big X.


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