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(Charming, funny cartoon feature)

“Mr. Peabody & Sherman” is a charming, funny cartoon feature that took us back to the ’60s when we would watch “The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show” with our kids and probably enjoyed it more than they did.

They’re back, as cute and funny as ever, and updated a bit to represent the future.

Mr. Peabody (voice of Ty Burrell) is a Nobel Prize-winning dog scientist who is recognized for many inventions and achievements. He is the first dog to adopt a boy, setting up one of the best cartoon lines ever: “Every dog should have a boy.” His boy is Sherman (voice of Max Charles).

Mr. Peabody has invented a time travel machine, taking his son back to ancient Egypt, Greece, Italy and many adventures from the past. He meets George Washington, Leonardo da Vinci, Gandhi, Einstein and a host of famous and not-so-famous characters from the past.

When Sherman is old enough to go to school, he challenges the story of Washington cutting down the cherry tree. (“He told me he didn’t.”) He is bullied by his classmate, Penny, gets in a fight with her, and bites her, bringing her, her parents and a social worker to his home.

Sherman shows Penny the time machine and off they go, setting up a series of adventures that will thrill the kids. We adults enjoy the clever puns along the way. (There’s a cute one about being in-de-Nile when they are in ancient Egypt).

The drawings and the 3D are great. It is one of the few movies we would recommend spending the extra money for the 3D effects, which are much brighter than the 3D trailers we watched.

Rated PG, with nothing to worry about.


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