Narragansett Bay Shellfish, Co.: Clams delivered fresh daily for home chefs & wholesalers


There is nothing that says "Rhode Island" more than CLAMS! Steamed clams! Stuffed clams! Raw clams! Clams on the Half Shell! Clams Casino! Clam chowder! Little necks and cherrystones and top necks and QUAHOGS! Clams! Clams! Clams! Clams, the signature shellfish of Rhode Island, belong on every restaurant menu, at every summertime clambake, and on every holiday table. Popular and available every season of the year, clams ARE New England.

If you are a lover of hardshell clams (and who isn't?), then you need to know where to get fresh, hand-raked and daily-caught clams. You need to find your way to the Narragansett Bay Shellfish Company, right here in our own hometown of Warwick.

Robert Goodman, the owner and operator of Narragansett Bay Shellfish Co. and a "quahogger" of over twenty years, invites you to come to the docks where every day, his band of 20-plus fishermen bring onshore their newly harvested clams, literally right off their boats. Here, the shells are immediately sorted for size, weighed, bagged up and kept ice cold in coolers until they are in the hands of home cooks, restaurant chefs and other wholesalers ~ usually within 24 hours. An abundant and ever-replenishing supply of hardshell clams of all sizes is available for sale here, whether you buy them by the pound or by the piece (eg. 100 little necks for only $25!) You will not find a better source for your fresh clams than at the Narragansett Bay Shellfish Co. in Warwick.

One of Narragansett Bay Shellfish Co.'s busy quahoggers, Jody King, has fished the waters of the bay his whole adult life ~ and he knows a thing or two about clams. King and his faithful shepherd, Nosmo King, head out nearly every day to rake the deep, muddy floor of the bay in search of his prized clams. King gets excited just talking about the way he loves to prepare them, always in their simplest and freshest form. He puts the clams in a pan without any water (the clams produce enough liquid on their own!) and with a light tossing of olive oil, fresh basil, garlic and some red pepper flakes, leaves them on high until the first half open - then shakes the pan vigorously! Put them back on high for another few minutes and then turn off the heat, cover with a lid and let them stay in the pan until all the clams are open. In less than ten minutes, you are good to go! Now what could be easier than that?

Impress your family or party guests while supporting local Rhode Island fisherman - visit Narragansett Bay Shellfish. Call Rob Goodman for information about the latest harvest, and make your way to their shop, located right behind Timmy's One Bay Avenue in the Oakland Beach section of Warwick. Their number is 401-921-6366.


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