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* * ½

(Raunchy, gross comedy)

Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne play Mac and Kelly, a young suburban married couple with the cutest little baby girl you’ll ever see (actually Stella is played by twins). They keep telling themselves how happy they are to be settled down and content to be parents. He’s in a dull office job and she is a stay-at-home mom.

Their lives change overnight when a college fraternity buys the house next door. Fearing problems, they pay a visit and ask the boys to “keep it down.”

The frat throws a rowdy, noisy party, and the neighbors show up on their doorstep, are invited in and quickly get wasted. (No, the movie isn’t based on a true story in Narragansett). All night parties continue. Mac calls the cops. The war begins, and it isn’t always pretty.

Zac Efron plays the vengeful fraternity president, and he is not a very likeable young man. We’re supposed to like Mac because he is warm and fuzzy, but he has a mean, revengeful streak in him. 

“Neighbors” is a clever idea gone wrong. Very wrong. The writers let the plot get completely out of control, throwing in some gross scenes involving breast-feeding, condoms, penis jokes ad nauseum, drinking and drugs. The idea of a married couple with a baby striving to steal “cool” is completely obliterated by the need to push the envelope to the grossest extreme. And it gets very gross.

Lisa Kudrow has a couple of scenes as the college official who doesn’t get excited until the school makes the newspaper.

The final scenes when all out war is declared are a mess.

Rated a big R with profanity, violence, nudity, underage drinking and drugs, sex and all out grossness.


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