No city layoffs planned; mayor launches informational videos


“I do not foresee any layoffs,” Mayor Joseph J. Solomon said Wednesday.

Solomon said he doesn’t believe city employees should be concerned with losing their jobs as a result of COVID-19 and that the city has done things to ease worries of both city workers and taxpayers. On Tuesday, the mayor signed an executive order extending tax and utility deadlines.

Payment deadlines for real estate, personal property and motor vehicle taxes have been pushed to May 15. Utility bills are extended until June 1 and sewer assessment fees are now due by June 15.

“There are more important things to worry about,” Solomon said. “What I’d rather see people doing right now is staying at home if they’re able to as they’re quarantined.”

Solomon added that some city employees are working remotely. He also wants to see Warwick students staying home, playing video games, reading, watching movies or spending time with their family during their time away from school. And if they want to talk with friends, they can utilize technology to hang out or talk.

If there is an elderly person who cannot get groceries or other essentials, Solomon said they can call his office and they will try to help as best they can, even getting those items themselves if necessary. He also advised to call City Hall opposed to coming in.

As a way to inform Warwick on the latest information, Mayor Solomon has increased his presence on social media. Since COVID-19 has made its impact in the state, the mayor has opted to produce videos on the latest occurrences in the city. Videos are posted on his Facebook page, Mayor Joe Solomon. They will also be posted on the Warwick Facebook page.

“I’m trying to keep people informed on a daily basis,” Solomon said.

His push for making these videos is to give the people of Warwick the chance to hear what he knows straight from his mouth, not passed around through rumors.

Solomon described how Warwick is working closely with the state government and the Rhode Island Department of Health in his first video.

He’s also looking to help Warwick by promoting its local businesses. Following Governor Gina Raimondo’s orders to shut down all dine-in eating in restaurants, the National Restaurant Association began a campaign titled Carryout Wednesday, a day of the week looking to support restaurants in a time where they cannot make their money off of dine-in service. This is something Solomon is behind fully.

“I hope to be there at one of our great establishments before the day's end,” Solomon said on Wednesday at 11 a.m.

Solomon aims to produce at least one video per day, but could make multiple if he deems necessary. Behind the camera is Press Secretary Emily Martineau, who joined the mayor’s office in January.

“Particularly, with this situation that’s happening right now, it's really important to keep people [informed],” Martineau said.

Solomon said he has been tuning into what’s happening in Rhode Island, other states across the country and at the national level as well to learn their statistics and see how they’re approaching this virus. 

“I think that Warwick is faring well and Warwick will fare well through this entire process,” he said.


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Taxed Enough

Swimming pool closed, yet all pool people still hanging out and getting paid? Really? What a joke.

Thursday, March 19
Patient Man

I received an email Tuesday from a friend that runs a small business. He sent me about 20 cost saving actions he could take to prevent having to lay people off. Today he called me to let me know he didn't have enough work for his 100+ workers. What to do? Less hours, PTO, lay-offs, retirements? My suggestion was to lay out the different scenarios to the employees to get their buy in. Not sure what he'll end up dong but,

If you aren't working you shouldn't get paid because you're an employee of the taxpayers.

The Mayor needs to be prepared to make the same hard decisions that private business owners have to.

Thursday, March 19
John Simoneau

This is the problem in Warwick. He cares about himself, family, friends, unions, and other political hacks only, not the unconnected taxpayers.

Friday, March 20
Billy T

No Johnny Sweat Pants, the only problem in this city is YOU, the hypocrite that collects a $100,000 per year TAX FREE disability pension from the city of Providence for a phony disability, while simultaneously criticizing city workers. What a lowlife.

Saturday, March 21
John Simoneau

Billy T, Ziggy, Non-Educated Boter ( 3 in 1) ... COWARDS

$$ Much to high......

Jealousy is unbecoming if you LOSER

Get new and correct info....repeating lies don't make them true!

Meet me ANYTIME, ANYPLACE, and I'll prove it to you..COWARD

Saturday, March 21
Lakewood Larry

Johnny Pajamas should contact Attorney Tom Sparks and ask if he could be in one of his commercials where Johnny Pajamas bare knuckle brawls against the insurance company. Only problem is that even if the insurance company was anine year old girl, Pajamas would get his behind kicked and soil his adult diaper.

Saturday, March 21
John Simoneau

That's why you are afraid to come see me ....COWARDS!

Sunday, March 22
ben dover

Perhaps I don't understand....30+ years ago, we operated a business in Providence that operated late night, open till midnight...One of the beat cops who kept tabs on our area was a Sgt. Simoneau..(JS)?) I am not sure...He made sure that doors were secure, would sweep the inside to make sure nobody was in hiding, inside. Many did not go that extra step.

Never had a problem....

If this is the same person, I don't know...I'm told he had other family members on the job...But if you are so damn sure what he has done is illegal, file a formal complaint..Deeds, not words...and while you are at it, be sure to file the same paperwork for all those "phony" disability pensions awarded to PFD over the last 30 years at a 72% rate...Amazing how the same small group of Doctors and lawyers were involved...Also amazing how many folks who are disabled are out running businesses, home remodeling, plumbers, electricians, landscapers, boat yard workers, etc...No licenses, no registrations with DBR or DLT, no insurance, all under the table, no taxes...The IRS-CID frowns on this, in fact they have a rewards system for those that cheat and get caught...Security cameras and smart phones are everywhere...So if you believe JS is totally scamming the system, pursue it in the courts, just remember to pursue the above who are abusing the system and are also tax cheats . Just because a local TV station caught a guy on camera in a gym and nothing really happened, don't think the IRS is of the same mindset. "Let he without sin cast the first stone."

Monday, March 23
Lakewood Larry

"Ben Dover"-the current salaries of EVERY public employee in the state of Rhode Island and the annual pensions of EVERY retired public employee in the state of Rhode Island are public record. Why then, is Johnny Pajamas so secretive about how much of a pension he receives. Maybe he has something to hide?

Monday, March 23
John Simoneau

Unlike you FAKE NAME COWARDS... I have nothing to hide. Go get the answer if you know everything.

I use my real name. YOU COWARD !

Monday, March 23
ben dover

Larry; You missed my point...All I said was 30+ years ago we had a positive relationship with a Sgt. Simoneau..I don't know if this is the same person...He watched our back, our business...some others didn't.

JS has been excoriated on these pages claiming he is getting something he is not entitled to...Was the matter litigated and settled in court? Did the parties agree to a settlement number? Did the judge agree and seal the settlement? Seems to me if all of the above was done in court, it is nobody's business to know anything. Like it or not a judge decided this...IMHO, let it go...

The other nonsense is still going on...Collecting tax free disability pensions and then working under the table off any books and not paying any taxes is bad stuff...Read part of Title XVIII. This kind of thing is why this State is in danger of being insolvent. The corona virus may settle that issue...

Monday, March 23
John Simoneau

Ben Dover

It was probably me. Thanks for the kind words, but now you'll be on their list also ... lol

What was the business? I did it for everyone I could. These COWARDS here just have the John Simoneau derangement syndrome, and no opinion on anything else. I'm sure you understand the type. They couldn't have done my job for one night, especially when many of the people on the job, especially the bosses and Mayor, were much worse than the street criminals we dealt with ... lol

Monday, March 23
Lakewood Larry

Dear Mr. Dover:

For starters, it could have been the brother of Johnny Pajamas, the nephew of Johnny Pajamas, or the sister of Johnny Pajamas who patrolled your business, as they were all employed by the Providence Police Dept. And if you ever had a need for the Providence Fire Dept. at your business, chances are you met the other brother and other nephew of Johnny Pajamas, as they were both firefighters. (Imagine the $$$ spent on political contributions by that entire family!)

In any case, if you read the Rhode Island Supreme Court decision where Johnny Pajamas refused an order from the police chief to take a psychological examination, you'll get a great glimpse into what made him tick. And also, you'll see that as soon as Pajamas lost that case, he coincidentally suffered a phony knee injury and began collecting his $100,000 per year tax free disability pension.

If you're really interested in getting the exact monthly pension payment made to Johnny Pajamas every month, a simple public records request to the city of Providence personnel department will provide you with that information, and you'll be able to form your own opinion of Mr. Pajamas.

Finally, it appears "Ben Dover" is probably not your real name, and if so, get ready to be excoriated by Johnny Pajamas, as he abhors individuals who use a pseudonym for the purpose of posting on this site.

Tuesday, March 24
John Simoneau

COWARD... AS usual, wrong info.

Never paid a dime. Jealous?

COWARD. Do yourself a favor scumbag, go see some about the John Simoneau derangement syndrome you suffer from. If you told the truth about anything you post, you could use your real name. But since you are both a COWARD, and an IDIOT, you probably still wouldn't.

You are funny

How much did you pay to get on WFD? Oh wait, you probably slept with the fag Mayor Avedisian instead...... my bad ..... lmfao

Tuesday, March 24
Lakewood Larry

Great homophobic slur Johnny Pajamas. And you wonder why not a single person in the city takes you seriously.

Wednesday, March 25
John Simoneau

The truth hurts I guess.... COWARDS

Wednesday, March 25