No sense of decency?


To the Editor:

In my Warwick Beacon letter (5/14/19), I sincerely pleaded with Ward 8 Councilman Anthony Sinapi to end his vendetta against one of the Warwick School Department’s finest and qualified administrators, Chief Financial Officer Anthony Ferrucci. Obviously, and with sadness, this plea was not followed and Mr. Sinapi continued his vicious, nonstop campaign to have Mr. Ferrucci fired. His instigated resolution of hate will now be presented to the entire City Council with passage assured, shamefully.

This gutless and shameless procedure by Mr. Sinapi begs the question, “Have you no sense of decency, Councilman?”

No response is necessary. I already know the answer.

Eugene A. Nadeau


Mr. Nadeau is a former member of the Warwick School Committee.


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Absolute rookie move that proves he doens't have the experience or wisdom to be on the council. I sure hope the voters that didn't do their research before electing him are paying attention.

Tuesday, June 11

sure, lettuce just keep folks on da council who will tow da line and keep the same chumps around who keeps messing up. sures been working fer da city.

Wednesday, June 12