Notice of Public Informational Meeting


The Planning Board of the

City of Warwick

Rhode Island


Notice is hereby given that a public informational meeting, where a vote will be taken, will be held in the Lower Level Conference Room, Warwick City Hall, 3275 Post Rd, Warwick, RI, on Wednesday, March 8, 2017, beginning at 6:00 P.M. The purpose of the public informational meeting is to consider a Major Land Development Project/Subdivision for Master Plan approval. The Applicant is proposing to merge five (5) existing lots to create two (2) lots; one (1) lot for the development of a carwash, and one (1) lot for future development. The proposed carwash will have two (2) means of egress, one (1) provided via an easement, and one (1) with direct access to Warwick Avenue.

The Applicant is also requesting, from the Zoning Board of Review, a Special Use Permit for Use Code 420. Carwash in a General Business (GB) zone, and dimensional relief for Section 300, Table 2B, for less than required buffer to an abutting residential zone, and the existing condition of less than required frontage and width; Section 504 for the existing condition of less than required wetlands setback; Section 304.6 for less than required public street access due to frontage dimension; Table 1, Special Use Regulations, for less than required frontage for the proposed carwash use; and Section 800 for signage to be located on an abutting lot.

Location: 1555 Warwick Avenue

Assessor’s Plat: 312

Assessor’s Lots: 309, 310, 315, 390, 391

Applicant: Personal Touch Carwash

Owner: Russell M. Yates Jr.

Zoned: General Business

Number of lots: Five (5)

Proposed No. of Lots: Two (2)

Area: 174,651sf

Ward: 2

Engineer: Crossman Engineering

All persons interested in the above are respectfully requested to be present at the time and place to be heard thereon. For any questions, or to review Development Plans, please contact the Warwick Planning Department at 738-2009. Facilities are accessible for people with disabilities. If you are in need of interpreter services for the hearing impaired, please contact the Planning Department at 738-2009 not less than 48 hours in advance of the hearing date.

Per order of the Warwick Planning Board

Philip Slocum, Chairman

2/21, 2/28/17


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