Numerologist says 2013 isn't 'unlucky'


It’s a new year, and as with the start of anything new, people have set goals and made predictions as to what 2013 might have in store. Though most are hopeful the year will bring much good, there are others who subscribe to the school of thought that 2013 will be unlucky.

It’s an age-old superstition that 13 is an unlucky number – there are 13 turns to make a hangman’s noose; there were 13 people at the Last Supper; the end of the 13th Baktun in the Mayan calendar was thought to be the end of the world (remember Dec. 21?) and Apollo 13 was an unsuccessful NASA lunar mission.

Whatever the reason, the stigma attached to the number has lead builders to “skip” the 13th floor in high rises and triskaidekaphobics to panic on every Friday the 13th. With the tales of “unlucky 13” engrained into our collective conscious, it’s no wonder that some are fearing 2013 will hold bad fortune.

But Kathy Bernstein, a numerologist, said we don’t have anything unusual to worry about this year. Bernstein has been a numerologist for 35 years, and has a private practice on Waterman Street in Providence. Numerology is the study of the correlation between numbers and events, and was popular with early mathematicians, such as Pythagoras.

Bernstein’s son is a mathematics professor, and said at one time, their jobs would have been lumped into one. But that’s not the case anymore. Instead, while her son teaches students to crunch numbers with fractions and square roots, Bernstein crunches them in an entirely different way.

Bernstein said she discovered numerology when she was a young girl. She recalls walking along the railroad tracks and finding “a tack” with the number 37 on it.

“I just looked at that number and something opened up,” she said. “It was like looking through a telescope at the universe … it pointed to something bigger.”
In her early 20s, she ordered a numerology book and began delving deeper into the study of numbers.

“When people talk, I hear numbers,” she said, saying the language of numerology just clicked. “It was like a duck who found her pond, that’s how much it fit.”

Today, Bernstein meets with clients and gives regular readings. She uses their names and birthdays to create a chart of numbers, and interprets the numbers to decipher what qualities the person embodies and what cycles the person moves in and out of.

She used Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs as examples – Einstein’s numbers were particularly strong when he wrote his Theory of Relativity, and Job’s chart showed he was destined to create something huge.

Bernstein said people’s lives ebb and flow through several types of cycles: lifelong cycles, nine-year cycles, another cycle around people’s 30th birthday, monthly cycles and daily cycles.

To determine those cycles, Bernstein uses simple addition and ancient philosophy. In basic numerology, everything gets boiled down to a single digit, and digits 1 through 9 each have a certain meaning.

What this means for 2013 is this: it’s not a “13” year at all. Instead, Bernstein said it’s a “6” year: 2+0+1+3 = 6.

“This is the mistake everybody makes, it’s not 13, it’s 2013,” she said.

So what does “6” mean then? Bernstein said it foretells a year of awakening. Bernstein said recent tragedies, like the shooting at Sandy Hook, have caused a shift in thinking.

“It’s jolted people a little,” she said. She foresees more reflection in the year ahead. “Six is to take responsibility.”

But Bernstein said 2013 would be slightly different for everybody, depending on their birth date. Since six is the universal year, she did a specific reading for the country, using July 4 as the birth date. She added 7 to 4, and added the ones in 11 to get 2. She then added 2 to 6 (for 2013) to get 8 – The United States is in an 8 year in 2013.

“Eight is about connection,” she said. “About how we connect or don’t connect.”

Bernstein said connection is about life force, the energy and synergy that bind all things.

“The number eight is about sex, aggression, money and power,” she said. But although these things have negative connotations, Bernstein said 2013 could be a time to heal in all of these areas.

For the United States, 2012 was a 7, a time Bernstein said things can turn upside down. This year, Bernstein thinks it’s a good opportunity to make things right.
Since there are nine-year cycles, the United States is coming toward the end of yet another one in 2014. Looking ahead, that would mean 2014 would be a time to cleanse, and 2015 would be a clean slate.

But the shift into 2013’s year of connections and healing has already been set into motion. Bernstein said the change into the coming year begins around October, so we’ve already started our journey into the universal year of 6 and the country’s year of 8.

Although Bernstein said certain events correlate with specific dates, she didn’t want to make any precise predictions for the year ahead. Specific predictions like, “you’ll meet a blonde with blue shoes” are dangerous, she said.

“You’ll spend your whole life looking for blue shoes,” she laughed.

Instead, Bernstein said she helps people to interpret what the numbers mean for them, and how to best live in the present cycle of their lives.

“I feel like I’m the weatherman,” she said. She gives a general outlook and encourages people to embrace the present fully.

“I want people to be able to be more alive,” she said.


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