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* * * (Fans of the genre)

* * (Don)

Fans of the genre should enjoy the eerie “Oculus” more than I did. Joyce stayed home.

Karen Gillian plays Kaylie, now a young woman, who returns to her childhood home in an attempt to make sense of a frightening childhood.

How did her parents really die, and what or who destroyed them and sent her younger brother to a mental hospital?

It all revolves around this old mirror. She creates an elaborate sensing device with cameras and computers to try to get answers.

The action jumps back and forth from the present to their childhood, when they witnessed their father kill their mentally ill mother.

The movie has its scary moments and its predictable ones. A bit gory at times, it ends with a shock that I didn’t see coming.

Not my cup of tea, but if you are into this stuff you might enjoy.

Rated R, with violence and a few scares.


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