On the road to 4 years of liberalism/socialism


To the Editor:

Put a fork in it. It's toast. Those are the disheartened comments of more Rhode Islanders when speaking of the state of the state and the re-election of governor Raimondo. Their hopes were predestined to shatter when the moderate-conservative candidates for governor, Pat Morgan, Joe Trillo and Alan Fung could not find words divisive enough to harpoon each other. Their obdurate self-interest was clearly detrimental to the people. Consequently, a tragedy was played out in full public view. In this bluest of blue states, only a concerted effort can possibly derail a Democrat opponent. Alas, the state, as a consequence, is on the road to a continuing destructive 4 years of liberalism/socialism. 

One must wonder what kind of voter could want a second term for Raimondo.  Too many among them refused to see the incompetence, mismanagement, and wrong direction under this leadership. These voters did not see the fiasco (and wasted money) with the opening salvo on tourism? They were not aware of the children badly served by the department charged with the safety of children (DCYF)? They were ignorant of the hardship of those people depending on aid (UHIP)? Did they not see the escalating bloat in the governor's own office (a weatherman)? They cannot see the poor financial management (not unlike the previous held job) now manifest by the $180 million deficit in the current budget? (The governor is "scooping" money from other departments to fill the hole – including the emergency call system.) They do not understand that the imposed truck toll is in reality a tax that accrues to themselves? They ignored the poor business climate in this state and the woeful achievement in our schools? These voters did not ponder over the governor's indifference for the unborn child? 

The governor approving recreational marijuana sale in the state is fraught with multiple dangers that are ignored in order to get tax money. Increased taxes and new taxes are promoted to underwrite the governor's unending nanny-state, utopia fantasies (universal Pre-K, free tuition, free breakfast and lunch, food stamps for college students, and on without end).  

This governor and those like-minded ignore the wisdom of the giants such as Winston Churchill* who correctly stated: "Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery." In their (governor, et al) arrogance and foolish euphoria they ignore it's fallacy – and the people in their tribulation will suffer for it.

The next four years under this governor and the compliant one-party rule will certainly change the state and not for the better. Those who can afford to leave will do so on the heels of others. As for those remaining, they will see the motto of the state change to "Hopeless" and the name change to "Nova Venezuela". (On the national scene, those like Sanders and Cortez and the "new" Democrat party are hell-bent on changing the country to socialism misery as well.)

*Churchill is acknowledged by many as the person to save western civilization from domination by the Nazi regime during WWII. 

Sam Parente



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da state is going to heck in a handbasket. the democraps now control da house and senate and guvnership. this has got to go. wes need to return back to the steady hand of repubkicans like we had back in the day when only white male landowners got to vote. da good old days. otherwise we are doomed.

Friday, February 15, 2019