Once in a lifetime encounter


To the Editor:

Recently I met a young man, a complete stranger if you will, who came out of nowhere to help me change my flat tire on a dangerous highway.

The encounter was brief, like so many others each day that resemble ships passing in the night.

We know that we may never meet again, but we relish this grateful moment of light and life. We know that we are not alone on this vast ocean of life, and we know that there is love and joy in God’s world! It is an exciting and unforgettable moment, as it was, for me at least when I met this stranger who assisted me.

I’ve since realized that in our lifetimes, we meet many such people and it is most unlikely that we will ever meet again.

We see in them sweetness, innocence, delightfulness, happiness and joy, and we are filled for the moment with what they represent. Just to be with them, however briefly, makes us happy, grateful and thankful!

When this young man completed changing my tire, we shook hands, hugged, and off he went and soon was out of sight. I knew I would never see him again. However, that thought did not sadden me. Life is like that. It is what we expect.

Still, I left the side of the road full of joy because of this experience. It was truly a gift from God.

Richard D. Walsh

East Greenwich


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