Our nation’s lost priorities


To the Editor:

I recently read with the recent dysfunctional government shutdown, many decisions were made which “value,” in a negative way, our nation’s priorities. It was announced that the football games of the service academies would and will go. On the flip side, the shutdown affected the lives of cancer patients who were being denied, or at least delayed, receiving lifesaving treatments. Where are our priorities? It was well reported that the families of troops being returned to Dover Air Force Base that were killed in action, were being denied their “death benefit” for giving their lives to defend our country.

Where have our priorities gone? Also disturbing, the World War II national monument in Washington, D.C. was shut down, not allowing aging veterans from being flown in to accept war medals symbolizing the true patriotic “Freedom Fighters” they are, defending our nation. Where have all the values gone, long time passing?

More importantly, the present selfish politicians in Washington who have caused this shutdown have profoundly exposed our nation’s glaring decay of priorities. For many years, our great nation’s priorities listed something like this:

1. Faith (God)

2. Freedom (Country)

3. Family

4. Friends

5. Food (Liquor)

6. “Football” (Sports)

Unfortunately, present day priorities have reflected our culture’s decay to this perverted order:

1. “Football” (Sports)

2. Food (Liquor)

3. Friends

4. Family

5. Freedom (Country)

6. Faith (God)

This list of priorities certainly can be adjusted by every individual but, in general lately, God has been asked to be excluded from the equation. We then wonder why our country is in the mess it’s in. Just check our list of priorities; God is “dead” last!

“We the People” need to wake up and get on our knees before it is too late!

Richard D. Walsh

East Greenwich


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