Our nation’s moral descent


To the Editor:

All, “We the People” have to do is read the paper, view the nightly news, or sense the depression that something is not right with America. Has our country turned away from God? It has turned and is continuing to turn. Our moral descent is a direct result of America ruling God out of its life, turning, step by step, against His ways at first subtly, and now more and more, brazenly.

In the middle of the 20th century, America began officially removing God from its national life. It abolished prayer and scripture in its public schools. Removing the Ten Commandments from public view, barring it from its public squares, and taking it down, by government decree, from its walls. God has been progressively driven out of the nation’s public life. It’s official – the very mention of the name God or Jesus in any reverent context has become more and more taboo and unwelcome unless for the purpose of mockery and attack. That which had once been revered as sacred is now increasingly treated as profanity.

As God has been driven from American life, secular “idols” if you will, have come in to fill the void; “idols of sensuality, idols of greed, of money, success, power, comfort, materialism, pleasure, sexual immortality, drugs, and abortion,” to name a few. The sacred has disappeared, and the secular took its place. Our nation has forgotten its foundations, its purpose and its calling that it was framed by. The standards and values it has long upheld are being abandoned. What we once knew as immoral, is now accepted. Our culture is being corrupted by sexual immorality, growing more crude and vulgar by the day. Drugs, alcohol and “pot” have crept in to destroy our children. Our government leaders justify everything by being “politically correct” and “tolerance” is the word of the day. This is the same tolerance that destroyed Rome and every other once great nation! This tolerance has mocked, marginalized and condemned those of us who have remained faithful to the values now being discarded. Innocence is being ridiculed and virtue is being vilified. Wrong is right and right is wrong – a new equation that will result in disaster!

Ten years after removing prayer from its public schools, our nation “legalized” the killing of its unborn. By the dawn of the 21st century, America had killed over 52 million babies. In biblical times, God’s “wrath” came reigning down on nations who did the same.

We the People, need to heed the call – not the “British are coming,” but damnation is coming if we don’t put God back in the equation and soon! Our nation’s survival depends on it.

Richard D. Walsh

East Greenwich


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