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* * ½

(Depressing, violent drama)

A great cast fights their way through this depressing, violent tale of a bunch of losers in a Pennsylvania mining town.

Christian Bale plays Russell Blaze, a struggling steel mill worker who is down on his luck, losing his girlfriend to the local cop (Forest Whittaker), caring for his dying father, and trying to save his brother (Casey Affleck) from the bad guys he owes money to.

Woody Harrelson plays the baddest of the bad guys. We get to know just how bad in the opening scene at a drive-in, where he pummels a guy to near death after beating up his girlfriend.

Russell does a short prison term for DUI, getting out in time to get deeply involved in trying to save his brother, who tries to repay some big debts to a New Jersey mobster by competing in brutal bare fist fights. It all comes down to a revenge movie with the big showdown and more violence than necessary.

Rated a big R because of the profanity and violence.


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